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Just a thought on a Monday from our own Percy B Shelly ! My name is Ozymandias King of Kings. Look on my works ye Mighty and Despair.

It bet the emperor Nero  2000 years ago  thought he was immortal!

The truth of the matter is this..

Nothing  man made, no matter how spectacular, remains unchanged.

Mother Nature understands this.

Yet,we can forget that we are merely passing through.

Have a great day you guys

Enjoy the moment






Good Morning guys. A thought for today.

img_1777 This morning I found the quote below  in a White Eagle Publication called ‘ The Quiet Mind’ and I thought I would share it with you on this dark cold  wet Monday Morning

‘Resist pessimism and negative thinking both in private and national life.

Think only good. ‘Think God’

Whatever your trouble, put God, and thoughts of God in place of that trouble.

Even if he does not appear to be doing so , see your brother man is striving towards God.

See the world developing and growing more spiritual’

And as The Good Book says

‘Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.(Matthew 6: 34) .

So there you have it my friends lets starting humming Bob Marley song’ Don’t worry about a thing every little thing gonna be all right’ 

Have a great day

Love you



‘He who knows nothing, loves nothing ‘ (Paracelsus 1493- 1541)

img_2041The man who wrote this was a difficult man. Arrogant and rude, he was often known to offend. A keen observer of human nature he questioned everything and gave rise to the notion that diseases are triggered by a deep unresolved loneliness in the human soul.

He also said that ‘ He who can do nothing understands nothing. He who understands nothing is worthless.  But he who understands also  Loves, Notices ans Sees .

I wish  I lived the same time as Paracelsus and he was my teacher and  friend. We  would have had good conversations together  about the meaning of Life.

It is my interpretation that we must constantly search for the motivations behind  all human behavior. Judging by outer appearances  is a worthless en devour. Understanding and acceptance all human behavior, opens our eyes to the healing power of  God’s Love. Interesting thought for a Monday Morning.

Have a great one guys,

Hugs and love,



Hay guys; Love you to the moon and back. Thanks to all the wonderful therapists for making the N.R.R.I Irish National Reflexology Symposium the best ever.

baseimage - CopyWatch this space…… Reflexology is moving forward with Love  into a bright new tomorrow, helping us all  to find contentment and peace in a world that is becoming overwhelmed with the busyness of daily life.

And as the Good Book  says

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things ( Cor. 3: 4-7)

Have a great Monday you guys

Hugs and blessings


Life is a circle, it continues as one. Nothing is ever over, it changes and is reborn. ( M.T.S 1992)


Have a great Monday guys.


Hugs and Love

Marie Therese 

You’re Irish Mammies Monday’s says…. 2 more days and we will continue our journey.


In the meantime …

Remember, healing happens when the mind is still and the body is rested.

Progressive muscle relaxation and the breathing techniques, are excellent ways to rest and restore.

If you have not done the progressive relaxation yet promise yourself, that you will try it tonight.

Why not, its Monday after all, new beginnings to a new weeks and all that stuff.

The breathing is more straightforward and immediate.

All you just have to do is stop and breathe.

In the next post on Day 7  I will share how conscious activity can be very  effective when practiced correctly.

Note to self


Several years my in laws invited me to Christmas dinner. After the turkey was eaten and before the pudding, someone got the bright idea that I should do some exercises to soothe the boisterous younger family members.

Delighted with the opportunity to ‘show off’ to my mother in law, I began to address all around the table suggesting  that we try a shortened progressive relaxation technique. My performance brought the definition of a’ party pooper’ to a new level, everyone snoozed for the afternoon!  

Apparently, I have a very soothing and relaxing voice.

If don’t believe me try out the audio tape for yourself on Day 5 but seriously not while driving or operating machinery as it is lethal. 

Have a great Monday you guys.





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