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On this New Years Eve ………….

Let us sing a song of praise for the Sun that shines on us.

The Air that breaths through us.

The Water that baths us

The Earth that nourishes us.

Let us sing a song of praise for the touch, tastes smells, sights and sounds

Of a vibrating life

 That is awakening within us.


Good Morning guys. A thought for today.

img_1777 This morning I found the quote below  in a White Eagle Publication called ‘ The Quiet Mind’ and I thought I would share it with you on this dark cold  wet Monday Morning

‘Resist pessimism and negative thinking both in private and national life.

Think only good. ‘Think God’

Whatever your trouble, put God, and thoughts of God in place of that trouble.

Even if he does not appear to be doing so , see your brother man is striving towards God.

See the world developing and growing more spiritual’

And as The Good Book says

‘Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.(Matthew 6: 34) .

So there you have it my friends lets starting humming Bob Marley song’ Don’t worry about a thing every little thing gonna be all right’ 

Have a great day

Love you



I am a Health Therapists and like many others in my field I was initially attracted to a profession that allowed me to fix people. I had all the answers for health and well-being. Now that I am older and wiser still I realise that there is absolutely nothing I can say or do to make another change their behavior.

img_1319The only gift I can offer the suffering is my silence and yet after all these years, I find it difficult to really listen. The habits, patterns, motivations of a life time imprinted in my soul. O that I could be the person described in the anonymous poem below…

I know you are listening when:

You come quietly into my private world and allow me to be me

You really try to understand me even when I am not making much sense

You grasp my point of view even when it goes against your own sincere convictions

You realise the time I have taken from you has left you a bit tired and a bit drained

You allow me the dignity of making my own decisions, even though you think they may be wrong

You don’t take my problem from me, but allow me to deal with it in my own way

You hold back your desire to give good advice when you sense I am not ready for it

You give me enough room to discover for myself what is going on

You accept my gift of gratitude by saying how good it makes you feel to know that you’ve been helpful.


Preparing and eating food is a wonderful way to distress the body and still the mind especially when you allow yourself to totally focus on what you are doing using all your senses of touch, taste, sight hearing and smell.

IMG_0098If you find it difficult to prepare food with focused attention practice the following and watch what happens:

  • Prepare where you are going to eat. Eating must not be considered as a secondary activity that is carried out without much thought or attention in front of the television or reading a book. It is a celebration, a gift of energy and health from nature which we cannot live without.
  • Before you start to eat take a moment and be still and bless the food and thank nature for it. It doesn’t have to be a formal prayer just a quiet moment of appreciation and gratitude will suffice. If you are eating food that is prepared by someone else, you can quietly bless their efforts as well as thanking them verbally.
  • Blessing your food also brings you back into the present moment and away from the negative meanderings of the undisciplined mind.
  • If someone or something distracts you while you are preparing your food, stop what you are doing and give all your attention to the distraction and then resume your activities when the time is right. I promise it will take less time than the effort of trying to do two things at once
  • Never discuss business, conflict or problems when you eat your food because you will ingest the negative energy that is associated with this behaviour, rather than savouring the flavour and textures of the food that had been prepared for you. This is very important rule of health that many people choose to ignore and then they wonder why they have ulcers!
  • Taking time to enjoy food is an acknowledgement of the celebration of life.
  • Whenever you can share your food with others, in the end there is always plenty to go around and you will be amazed who would love to share a meal with you, all you need to do is ask.

Have a great January  you guys!

 Mind how you go.

And as I always say, be kind to yourself, love yourself, care for yourself.

Self-care and protection will bring good people into your life and will give you the courage to be kind and compassionate to those the challenging people we encounter at times.


mtsTo help minimize the physical effects of over eating during the festive season it is a good idea to drink plenty of water and have it warm with a slice of lemon and honey if possible.  It might also help if you get out into the fresh air and go for brisk walks.

If walking is not ‘your bag’ head out to funny movies/shows and laugh out loud.

As far as possible avoid negative people and if you must engage protect yourself in a golden dome of light and say a prayer for Divine Inspiration.

Wishing you a thousand Blessings fun and laughter on this holy season of Good Will.



Where am I ?


I am suspended in a vacuum.

In eternity, the endless waiting grinds on.

Today feels different. My tiny cells body has been pierced. There was over 300,000,000 of them trying to get in. In the end I relented and let my guard down. They attack and one enters.

I am stunned. I become aware that something happened. This is new.  This is time. I have a past. It happened a moment ago. I am no longer one.

I am becoming aware of movement in my being. I am exploding into into tiny bubbles increasing in complexity and speed.


Who am I?

I am Me.

Note to self 

The story begins and I am not sure where it will lead.

Thank you for sharing it with me

Have a great Monday Guys.

Hugs and Love.



A serious thought for a Monday Morning.The world stage of politics trundles on as we watch deteriorating world news, with disbelief.


‘When social order is crumbling, dissolving with human greed.

Words from Luke in the Good Book advocates faith, as small as a mustard seed,


As chaos unravels with brutal swift speed.



( Marie T Shelly 10th October 2016 )


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