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Good morning Ireland. It’s Your Irish Mammy here saying lets be up-beat on another wet Monday!!


It’s another  awful wet day here in the west of Ireland. And I here I am  telling you to get up and  sing hallelujah.

A sure lads me ‘ol heart’ is  not  in it.

But then again ………

Perhaps if  give ourselves another 5 minutes under the warm covers doing some stretching exercises before we get up, we might feel differently about the day ahead.


We did last Monday’s wake-up call in bed as well, remember? Yup, it was raining. What can I say we are having a shocking wet summer! Still I felt  a whole lot better after  breathing in and out, right down to my toes and back again. I hope you did as well. It would be fantastic if you continued the practice throughout the week,  as it puts a whole new slant to getting up in the morning.

Today, we are going to  imagine that we are a Big Lazy Cats  as we stretch as much as the bed allows.

So let us begin now,

  • Stretch yourself as much as much as space will allow, your arms, your legs, your fingers and toes. Link your fingers together and turn your arms around upwards and outwards.
  • When you are ready, allow your feet to slide out onto the floor, spread your toes wide. Feel the roots growing out from your feet anchoring you to the rich brown earth.
  • Straighten your body and stretch upward to the sky. Stay there for a few moments breathing gently.
  • Next, roll your body down until your fingers touch the ground. You are touching  Mother Earth which is teeming with life. Allow yourself to bring that life onto yourself with gratitude as you touch the ground and then your forehead for at least 3 times.
  • Then, roll your body upwards until you are standing upright again. Stretch, right up on your toes, arms extended, and fingers splayed, reaching for the heaven above.
    • Allow yourself to reach to the sky with gratitude to the sun that shines on you, even when it is  hidden by dark rain clouds ;sun is needed for daylight.
    • Stretch your arms out to the wind that blows through you, even when it is cold, air is needed for breath
    • And yes, open your hands to the rain, as water is the elixir of life.

So this morning , as we go about our day in the rain, let us  unite in gratitude with all creation and sing hallelujah 🙂

Note to self

Have a great Monday you guys.

See you on Wednesday.


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