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Good Morning guys. A thought for today.

img_1777 This morning I found the quote below  in a White Eagle Publication called ‘ The Quiet Mind’ and I thought I would share it with you on this dark cold  wet Monday Morning

‘Resist pessimism and negative thinking both in private and national life.

Think only good. ‘Think God’

Whatever your trouble, put God, and thoughts of God in place of that trouble.

Even if he does not appear to be doing so , see your brother man is striving towards God.

See the world developing and growing more spiritual’

And as The Good Book says

‘Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.(Matthew 6: 34) .

So there you have it my friends lets starting humming Bob Marley song’ Don’t worry about a thing every little thing gonna be all right’ 

Have a great day

Love you



Refresher Day on Emotional Reflexology in Galway Next Saturday 25th February.


For more information,


087 2350068




mtsTo help minimize the physical effects of over eating during the festive season it is a good idea to drink plenty of water and have it warm with a slice of lemon and honey if possible.  It might also help if you get out into the fresh air and go for brisk walks.

If walking is not ‘your bag’ head out to funny movies/shows and laugh out loud.

As far as possible avoid negative people and if you must engage protect yourself in a golden dome of light and say a prayer for Divine Inspiration.

Wishing you a thousand Blessings fun and laughter on this holy season of Good Will.



The Very First Miraculous Search: Day 9

img_11413 My cell body mass is breaks in two as I descend towards the juicy soft lining on this vast nurturing wall.

The cells on the outside are resilient and hardy.

They need to be.

It is their job to negotiate the way around the wall so that it will allow us bury ourselves there.

We need its nourishment to survive.

Inside I sense that I am soft and vulnerable.

I am surrounded by water.

This is good.

Human scientists tell us that water is the elixir of life which means  that I am alive and it is only natural that I want to survive.

Where am I? The story of the very first miraculous search continues.

img_1141-4Days ago. I was one.

Lying in suspended animation.


Deep within my unity I knew transformation was imminent and it was a matter of time.

Now it has begun.

I am metamorphosing at breath-taking speed.


The walls around me are pulsating, vibrating, propelling me forward.

In the distance I sense an expansion waiting, just beyond my reach and  I wonder where I am going and if I am alone?

I still have no idea who or what I am.

It is 4 days and 14 hours since the first explosion into my being.


Love this…’What brings joy to the heart is not so much a friends gift, as the friends’s love’ (Aelred of Rievaulx 1110-1167)


Yup I know I said it before……..

Have a great Monday you guys

And yes its raining but that does not stop you  going  for that quick cuppa to catch up with an old friend in the middle of a crazy busy day. 

Hugs and Love,




Interesting thing about suffering: The Good Book says we need it !!! ( Hebrews 12: 5-7)

DSC00227Not meaning to depress you on a Monday morning,  apparently it is easier to take the ‘hard knocks of life on the chin’,  if we believe,  suffering helps us to become enlightened!

Viktor Frankl ( 1905- 1997 )Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry  developed a  therapy for wonderful mental health, which he called ‘Logotherapy‘,  after  his survival in the concentration camps of  Auschwitz and Dachau.In his book Man’s Search for Meaning he describes the atrocities that he experienced in the camps and  goes on to explain that ‘if  there is meaning in life at all, then there must be meaning in suffering’ He also said, ‘ Those who have a why to live, can bear almost any how

Something  serious for us to think about  on this  wet Monday Morning.

Have a great one you guys

Hugs and love,



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