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Just a thought on a Monday from our own Percy B Shelly ! My name is Ozymandias King of Kings. Look on my works ye Mighty and Despair.

It bet the emperor Nero  2000 years ago  thought he was immortal!

The truth of the matter is this..

Nothing  man made, no matter how spectacular, remains unchanged.

Mother Nature understands this.

Yet,we can forget that we are merely passing through.

Have a great day you guys

Enjoy the moment






Happy St Brigid’s Day, La Fheile Bride

img_0049 Its the 1st of February.Spring has arrived.

In the words of Percy Bysshe Shelly ‘ If Winter comes can Spring be far behind’.

This inscription reminds us that that we must NEVER loose hope in the midst of our darkest despair or fear of war.

Light will dispel darkness in ways that we as mere mortals cannot imagine in our wildest dreams.

So have a great La Fheile Bride guys. Our patron saint is known to be a bearer of Light! 

hugs and love





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