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Useful tips for reflexologist: Many reflexologists ask me why is it important to be aware of energy transfer between client and therapists

I reply that if we are unaware of energy transference we could become exhausted by the therapy. Effective productive and healthy therapists prepare correctly. This groundwork begins the moment we start to train as therapists, continues with every client we meet and finishes as soon as we end a treatment.

When we are training as therapists we need to be able to resolve any personal and emotive problems before embarking on a career as a therapist. As the good book says, ‘Physician heal thyself’ (Luke 4: 23) which suggests that if we have unresolved issues we will project these onto our clients. Secondly, make the therapeutic atmosphere as positive as possible. The use of blessed salt and water helps to rid any negativity that may be in the working environment. We must be mindful of our thoughts and actions, focusing only on Love and Divine inspiration in whomsoever we perceive our God to be and surrender to the natural ebb and flow of life, accepting all situations, life events and people without judgement. Finally, it is important to practice humility in all our affairs thereby denying any ego driven desires for recognition, cures and self-empowerment.

Before giving a treatment, we need to be ‘grounded’. Grounding oneself before a treatment, stills the active mind thereby allowing the therapist to be totally focused on the client and the sensations in the hands while providing a reflexology treatment.

The following exercises help with this.

  • Imagine that there are roots growing from your feet extending down into the deep rich brown earth, grounding and connecting you to all living things below.
  • Then, picture a beautiful golden rainbow shining on your head and flowing down through your body like river of energy and light, connecting and energising you from the heavens above.
  • Breathe in this this ray of light, slowly allowing it to permeate into every cell and tissue in your body.
  • Feel this energy healing, revitalizing and bathing clean, every negative thought and action.
  • Next, imagine that you are blowing a bubble of this energy right around your body so that you are encased in a bubble of light and carry it with you as you go about your day. This bubble will protect you and keep you safe throughout the day
  • If you feel yourself getting tired, just reconnect with your feet visualise the roots grounding you to the earth below and light of life energising you from above.

After giving a treatment time is needed for readjustment back to everyday activities following a reflexology session. Usually it helps if you let the client know that you are going to leave the room and ask them to remain seated until you return and put the reflexology couch into an upright position.Next, wash your hands and wrists under running cold water and if time and the work venues allows go outside into the fresh air and put your hands in the grass or around a tree.

When you go back into the treatment reassure your client that they can get in contact with you if they are worried about any aspect of their treatment plan. Do not engage in long conversations, rather encourage your client to have some quiet time alone before returning into the world of work

I hope this helps,

With very best wishes and gratitude,


Marie Therese 





Day 15: The Inward Journey: Love Transforms


On the 24th of May of this year and every Wednesday morning hereafter, you and I started an inward journey to celebrate our humanity.

We began our quest by tackling the inner dialogue  which is chattering  happily away inside our minds. We noted that this inner babbling- particularly when it is negative, incapacitates the ability to find peace, contentment and happiness. We then  set about stilling the mind through the practice of progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. We even considered methods of forgiveness, which is no mean feat and often the accumulation of our life’s work here on this Earth  and at times, it is an impossible thing to do without Divine intervention.

I, like my Irish mother before me, believe that we need Divine intervention  in every aspect of our daily lives. When I speak of the Divine  I am not referring to a particular doctrine or set of religious beliefs, but rather to a spiritual experience that allows us to be part of, and yet detached from, all the hustle, bustle and hassle of this world. Of course, I am unable to explain who or what ‘Divinity’ is, such intricate matters are far beyond the comprehensions of my simple human mind. However, when I practice meditation, focused attention and gratitude, my heart open up to ‘The Presence of the Divine’s Transformational Love’.I do not always get it right. Sometimes I stumble and fall. I eat too much, drink too much. I become anxious and negative. But here is the good news when I wake up in the morning it’s a new day and a new chance to start afresh. For me, gratitude works every time. Mindfulness and meditation comes later bringing with it the stillness and peace of mind.

Keeping a diary and affirming all the good things in life is an effective way to practice gratitude. These exercises which I like to call- ‘Effective techniques for Love Transformation;’ have evolved over the years through my own journey and through helping others with theirs. So many excellent authors have written a great deal on gratitude, that it is impossible to attribute these exercises to one source.

But before undertaking them however, I would like you to do a particular meditative reflection utilizing the medium of art called-Who do you think I am?

Who do you think I am?

This reflection, like many other exercises previously explored in this blog is divided into three parts, the preparation, the exercise and the discussion and it is very similar to the one we did way back on Day 1 of our journey together.

The Preparation

For this, you will need:

  • Pencils
  • Rubber
  • Crayons
  • Paints or colored pencils -I like to use the soft pastels because they can run in together, but it is not necessary
  • Paper to draw on — the plain white variety is best.

It is a good idea to set time aside for this experience. If you are busy with small children or work, do this first thing in the morning, before the children get up, or late at night when they are in bed. Take the phone off the hook and turn off the radio and television. This is your time for you. It is a healing exercise that has nothing to do with how well you think you can, or cannot draw!

The Exercise

  • Start by drawing a body outline. This does not have to be accurate or correct. Some people like to draw themselves as curved lines or circles, while others prefer stick men or some other symbolic representation of how they see themselves. Try to let go of any negative messages you may have about your artistic ability.
  • Next, close your eyes and place your hands, palms down, on your painting. Visualize all the colors of the rainbow flowing in and around and through your body. Keeping your eyes closed, imagine different life situations. If this situation you were a color, what color would it to be? If this situation was absorbed by your body, where would you feel ‘its’ energy?
  • When you are ready, open your eyes. Pick up the pencils or crayons and color in around the body outline. Feel free when doing this part of the exercise. Play with the colors. Slowly allow yourself to pull away from the painting. Close your eyes once more and relax by concentrating on your breathing and the gentle rise and fall of your chest as you remind yourself that you are inhaling energy and light and exhaling any tension from your body.
  • Then bring yourself back to the exercise by gently placing your palms on the drawing and hold them there without thinking. Allow yourself to be open to whatever feelings come your way. Which of these adjectives best describes you at this moment — happy, sad, surprised, fearful, anxious, distrustful, curious, doubtful, betrayed, or confident?
  • During this time of reflection, allow your mind to connect to something greater than you — a loving, compassionate Life Force that is cradling you softly and gently, in the palm of an outstretched hand.
  • From this safe place, look at your drawing again and consider what it is telling you about yourself and your beliefs. This would be a good time to ask yourself if you are willing to listen to the whispering’s of your soul to open your heart to Real Love.

The Discussion

Opening our hearts to Divine Transformational Love is made possible through the practice of gratitude which we will look at in the next few following posts.

These gratitude awareness exercises – including Gratitude Awareness Diary, Affirmations, and Heart-Warming Gifts, foster a more holistic approach to life- one that embraces thoughts, actions and spirituality.

Spirituality, by its nature, does not adhere to any one religion; however, most religions assume that we are ‘Loved’ by something that is greater than ourselves. Developing a spiritual, intellectual and emotional state of well-being allows optimum energy, healing and growth.

Note to self


So stay tuned my friends, as your life and mine – with God Grace, opens up to the gifts of courage, knowledge, wonder and awe, right judgement, wisdom and understanding

And above all enjoy the experience.



Day 10: The Inward Journey: If you do what your Irish Mammy says, you will always find your way home.

IMG_1926I believe, every journey begins with a single step and this step is more enjoyable when it is shared with a friend and on the 27th of May in this year of 2015, we became travelling companions.

It has been an incredible honor for me to be out here blogging in cyberspace, every Monday and Wednesday and to observe that at times, I have up to 70 people reading my posts. I hope you are enjoying reading them as much as I like writing them. Like you I see myself as a student of life, always learning and asking why?

It is fantastic when you think about it, us humans,  live, eat, sleep, procreate and die just like every other animal on this planet we call Earth. Any yet, for some strange reason we can read and write thus allowing us the opportunity to do as we wish. Furthermore, every solitary single human-being  in the whole wide world, is unique. I am unique. You are unique.   And, behind all that again there is something else that is not quite human, something which is beyond words, beyond activity and definitely beyond the brief of this blog! But that will not  stop me from trying to understand and share my thought with you.

Since we started on May 27th we have looked at ways to discover our ‘True Potential’ ,as well considering the actions and beliefs that are harmful to health. We began in late May  by looking at that inner dialogue that chatters consistently inside the mind and we called this inner babbling black noise. Then, we considered  different  ways  to silence this black noise, including Progressive Muscle Relaxation- Day 4 on 17th June, Meditation- Day 2 & 3 in early June respectively. We noted that the practice of meditation allows us to become aware of subtle transformations in our entire being, body mind and spirit. Experiencing the abiding silence within, settles the mind. When the mind is still we call this mindfulness.

When we are mindful we give our full attention to any activity no matter what it is, which means that we become energized rather than drained by action. In Day 7 – July 8, we looked at how to exercise mindfully. We mindfully tackled those ‘hated’ jobs on Day 8 – 22nd July as well as eating chocolate! Just for the fun of it!

Breath work is so important that we focused on it a lot, almost in every post there was a breath exercise. In this post there is an exception.

All of this activity is a journey towards something which I like to call The Real Me. As I have said so often I am not a theologian, I am more of a seeker, searching with you for the miraculous behind all things. This state of ‘Grace’  can be momentarily experienced during moments of silence, contemplation and meditation

As the famous writer and theologian Mark Twain says

‘Meditation shatters the illusion that we are separate from God, and each other and our world’

Note to self.


So let’s keep on trucking my friends, together we will find a way.

See you next week.



Day 5: The Inward Journey: Holding onto the Real Me through deep progressive muscle relaxation technique and looking at the possibility of sharing the practice of with someone else. If you do what your Irish Mammy says, you will always find your way home



Deep Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique

Progressive muscle relaxation technique was first identified in the late nineteen twenties by pioneering physician, psychiatrist and physiologist Edmund Jacobson, who made it his life’s ambition, to establish a connection between muscle tension and illness.

His major work ‘You Must Relax’ released in 1934 is available free. Just google it and download.

It is an easy read.

And of course the master can explain the relationship between stress and illness must better than I can.

How to do the Deep Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique.

First let me explain what it is; Progressive muscle relaxation technique was first identified in the late nineteen twenties by pioneering physician, psychiatrist and physiologist Edmund Jacobson, who made it his life’s ambition, to establish a connection between muscle tension and illness.

His major work ‘You Must Relax’ released in 1934 is available free. Just google it and download.

It is an easy read.

And of course the master can explain the relationship between stress and illness must better than I ca

How to do the Deep Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique.

Getting started …


Assume a comfortable position, sitting on a soft chair or lying down. Either way, make sure your head is supported. It is a good idea to cover yourself with a warm blanket. It will help you to feel safe and secure and also keep you in a state of relaxation if your body temperature drops. This can happen when the pulse rate decreases and blood pressure falls in states of deep relaxation.

Loosen any tight garments; take off shoes, glasses, contact lenses, tight belts, and jewellery.

Decide not to worry about anything — give yourself permission to put aside the concerns of the day. If there is something bothering you, it is preferable to write it down before the relaxation exercise. It can be dealt with at a later time.

The Technique..

  • Start with breathing.
    • Breathe in deeply and slowly. Imagine that you are breathing in good energy and light, which is soothing and healing to your body, and with every exhalation, you are letting go of tension tiredness and general aches and pains in your body.
  • When you are ready, allow yourself to concentrate on all the muscles in your body starting at your feet and moving up through your body one step at a time, each time tensing, holding and relaxing
  • Bring your concentrate on your feet.Tighten your feet by curling your toes downwards. Hold for ten seconds and then quickly release and relax and on up through your body
  • Tighten calf muscles hold and relax
  • Tighten thighs, hold and relax
  • Tighten buttocks, hold and relax
  • Tighten spine, hold and relax
  • Next, bring your attention around to the front of your body, starting at the pelvis
  • Tighten your pelvis  hold and relax
  • Tighten lower abdomen hold and relax
  • Tighten stomach, hold and relax
  • Tighten the muscles of your chest by taking in a deep breath. Hold for ten seconds and release slowly. Imagine the tension in your chest flowing away with every the exhalation you make.
  • Now, move your concentration to your shoulders. First, raise them as far as you can as if you were trying to touch your ears. Hold, tense, release, and relax
  • Move your concentration towards your arms. Draw your forearms up towards your shoulders. Hold, tense, release, and relax. Extend your arms out straight, locking both elbows. Hold, tense, release, and relax. Then, tighten your  fists, hold and relax
  • Move your concentration to your neck. Rotate your head to the left and then to the right
  • Finally, bring your attention to the head area
  • Tighten your forehead hold and relax
  • Shut and tighten your eyes, hold and relax
  • Draw your lips right back over your teeth as if you are growling Tighten   hold and relax
  • Stick out your tongue as far as you can try and reach your chin. Tighten, hold and relax

Before finishing the progressive muscle relaxation, allow yourself time to rest as you feel your body sinking deeper and deeper into the bed or chair on which you are resting, becoming more and more relaxed.

Stay in this relaxing state for some time and when feel ready, gradually come back by stretching out like a big Lazy cat.

Then draw your knees up slowly and bend them up towards your stomach, turn on your side, place your palm the ground for support and gently raise your body into the sitting position and slowly stand upright.

Homework assignment until next week’s post

Try and practice the deep muscle relaxation once or twice over the next few days.

And start thinking about the possibility of sharing the practice of progressive muscle relaxation with someone else.


Note to self


In  my next post you will be able to  listen to the progressing relaxation technique by pressing a link


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