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OK… Here is the deal… I still have not found what I am looking for…

So Vietnam here I come.

My search for the Miraculous will bring us to the following places …

  • Hanoi with its crazy traffic of mopeds and scooters  transporting people, wardrobes and live animals
  • Halong Bay to see the Tai Chi at sunrise.
  • The former capital city of Vietnam- Hue with its renowned Perfume Rive
  • Hoi An and , if the time permits get some new cloths made by Mr Xe on the street close to the river or just laze in the Morning Glory restaurant known for inexpensive  fresh succulent food.Or perhaps, attend a cooking class that starts in the market with the  selection of necessary foods before the cooking begins. It could be fun. Maybe the way to God’s heart is the belly – who knows!!!
  • Da Nang Bridge in the shape of a dragon. They say it is very colorful.
  • And then finally to Siem Reip which apparently, is very busy and Ankor Wat which is   stunning: good walking shoes a must, I’m told.

I will be off line with my note pad and camera while meditating and traveling with my lifelong friend and hubbie Paul.

And on my return, I will be bursting to share all.

So until then, adieu my friends.

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