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Relaxation exercises For busy people on the go.

IMG_1715Just breathe gently in and out, through your nostrils. If you can, sit down, uncross your legs , place your feet firmly on the floor with your  back straight and unsupported if possible, place your hands on your knees, with your palms facing down.

For the next few moments, permit your mind to really concentrate on  your  senses, one at a time, starting with your sense of Touch 

  • Become aware of the clothes on your body and the play of air on your face and hands.Feel your hands resting on your knees, what  sensation you are feeling: Is it warm or cold? Without any effort at all, allow your mind to focus on your hands as they rest on your knees.
  • Now turn attention to your sense of Smell. Breathe in deeply inhaling all the aromas around you, what are you smelling right now is it bitter or sweet: stale or sour? Stay there for a few moments.
  • Then, become aware of your tongue in your mouth and your sense of Taste. What taste in us your mouth right now? Stay with it
  • Next your sense of Sight, your eyes may be closed but you can become aware of your Intuitive Eye by focusing on the center of your forehead.
  • Finally the most important sense of all. Your sense of hearing. Allow yourself to focus on all the Sounds around you. Become one with sound as you merge into it. Extend your hearing out to the furthest sound and the stillness beyond all sound, beyond all doing and activity. Stay with it. Listen…. Listen…. Listen… stretching your hearing out to the furthest sound to stillness beyond all doing …beyond all activity and allow your mind rest there.
  • If your mind wanders bring it back to the listening
  • When you are ready, take a big breath:inhale deeply and extend your arms upwards.
  • Hold your breath for a moment and send salutations to the sky, thanking it for the gift of light.
  • Then turn your palms outwards and downwards and exhale deeply, as far as possible- without straining, allow all the air to empty out of your lungs.
  • Hold your breath for a moment and send salutations earth,thanking it for the gift of life.
  • Inhale and imagine roots growing from your feet,  grounding you to the rich brown earth. Stay there for a moment and then exhale
  • Inhale again become aware of your feet as you stand rooted in  Mother Earth.Stay there for a moment and then exhale
  • Imagine a beautiful blue light descending from the heavens above, bathing and energizing you . Inhale this light deep into your body and stay there.
  • You are connected to the heavens above and the earth below.
  • All is well.
  • You are at one with the universe and whether you are aware of it or not, there is a natural order to life and you are part of it.

Note to self

May the week ahead be filled with fun and laughter.

Life is  precious.

For this week lets be in awe of the wonder of it all.


Hugs and Love,



IMG_1319It is this time of year again!Everyone around me at the moment is feeling lethargic, suffering from some sort of  flu. It is  cold,dark and wet outside. Death has claimed friends and loved ones including the beloved David Bowie. I did not know him. Nonetheless, I loved him. He was my hero and the world is a lesser place without him. My mother -being the eternal optimist, would say that the world is a better place because of him.

Like many people in Ireland back in the day, my mother also swore that  pepper in boiled milk was great for you if you were suffering from ‘sniffles’, colds or flu.

The following cure I am about to tell you about is a fantastic ‘ pick me upper’ when you are feeling awful. It  is a modification of this old original cure.  I am suggesting using Cayenne pepper instead of the ordinary fine white pepper and water instead of milk.  Be warned however it is shocking hard to take!!

You will need

  • Two teaspoons of dried Cayenne Pepper. You can buy this in any local shop.
  • Water, distilled or boiled.


  • Put two teaspoon of cayenne pepper into a glass
  • Add a small amount of hot or cold water and drink down in one gulp. Some people prefer it hot. I prefer the water to be cold
  • Follow immediately with a glass of cold water.

The cayenne pepper works by dilating the blood vessels. When the capillaries are dilated oxygen and other nutrients are released and is absorbed into the body thereby enhancing the body ability to recovery from the infection.


 This remedy may not suit when  you are taking medications and if you are worried about any aspect of your health whatsoever, check with your own health practitioner before taking Cayenne Pepper.

Note to self

Have a great one you guys.

Stay warm.

If you are brave or sick enough, try taking the Cayenne Pepper in water.

Believe me when I tell you it works. It really does and fast. Once you have taken it you will start to perspire, thereby reducing your temperature and returning your body back to its natural state of homeostasis.  

Hugs and love on this Monday.


May you have Joy, Blessing, Fun and Love this Christmas

IMG_2992Let us rejoice for the ones who are with us and think fondly of those who will not, or cannot, for whatever reason, be with us over the next few days.

When I think of  absent family and friends at Christmastime, the  beautiful words of Kahlil Gibran always come to mind;

When you part from a friend, you grieve not;

For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain’ ( The Prophet. 1926)


I hope you have a lovely Christmas my friends may it be filled with a gentle peace that flows from the heart of mankind.

Hugs and Love







Morning Children! Its your Irish Mammy here, wondering how I can be here for you on this early Monday morning when I am not physically present

IMG_1099Thich Nhat Hanh( 2013) in his book The Art of Communicating notes that the 1st and most important declaration of Love, is to be therefor someone .Nothing he adds, is more important than your presence and we do not even have to say anything all we have to do, is to be there fully present in the moment as you repeat the  mantra  silently to self’ I am here for you’  (page 75).

These  words of the holy man Thich Nhat  Hanh  echoed in my sleep during  the night and I wondered if I can as your Irish Mammy, be truly present for you as you read this post?

Do my moments of sharing  cheer you up at the start of a working week?

It was my intention at the start of my journey into the miraculous two years ago, to help you  to come home to your true self. Then in July this year the Irish Mammy appeared and I started blogging about her. Perhaps it was to do with our wet summer and her appearance was like a ray of sunlight in an endless stream of wet  summer days. I sense   that  the blogs from  Mammy are not my own, they evolve during my slumber and flow onto the page on Monday morning, bumps, errors and all. The truth of the matter is that it is a wonderful experience for me as I imagine you reading this Monday morning post.

The idea of  launching a separate blog for The Irish Mammy is now on the cards. I believe she is, you are and I am worth it. So all comments and suggestions are welcome.

I have loads of old remedies and cures as well as tips on mindfulness, healthy living and reflexology from my experience of working with groups over the years and am more than delighted to share them all with you. Mammy might have other ideas however we will just have to wait and see.

Note to self

In the meantime be well my friends.

Thank you for reading this post and have a great week



Your Irish Mammy want’s to know what have you done with your life? What kind of a question is that on a dark Monday morning?

photo (2)Na it’s not going to be depressing, judgmental or even ‘preachy’.

Quite honestly I hate that stuff even though, if I am not careful I can preach sometimes ,which is hilarious when you consider that I hate to receive unsolicited advice, especially when I am having a bad day.

That is the thing about advice, no one can live our lives for us. This can be difficult for family and friends when it appears to them that we are traveling on a path that they do not approve of.

And yet  I can- despite my best efforts, be judgmental at times. My mother bless her, was not.

She used to say that life’s lessons need to be hard as nothing is learned at a cocktail party.

Wise woman, my mother.

She also had a wonderful ‘ To Do‘ list which went something like this…..

  • Drink plenty of water and reduce tea, coffee, sugar and meat as much as possible.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables-preferably grown locally.
  • Get out into the fresh air and go for brisk walks.
  • Start practising your smile, try it out on strangers and watch what happens!!!
  • Go to funny movies/shows and laugh out loud.
  • Never forget help is at hand in the form of a friendly ear, remembering to choose wisely who you share your thoughts with.
  • Never underestimate the power of prayer whomsoever you conceive your God to be.
  • Take plenty of warm oat baths, rest and get as much sleep as possible.

So on this Monday the next time someone asks you what have you done with your life. Just smile and say’As far as possible you avoid negative people and when you do engage with them you protect yourself in a dome of light. 

Note to self

Let’s all protect ourselves in a dome of golden light my friends, today more than ever as we live in a time of great uncertainty.

Hugs and love to you all and to our troubled world.

Your own  Irish Mammy,




Your Irish Mammy is back with her Wake up Monday Morning Call.


Good Morning Guys it is wake up time again. Last night I  set my alarm to call me  at, and to see the infamous eclipse and Blood/Pink Moon. I was  tired this morning when the alarm went off again at 7

But here is the good news, it is possible to effectively  energize  the body  with certain breathing exercises like the one listed below:

  • Say to yourself: ‘I am breathing in goodness and light, and breathing out any exhaustion that is trapped in my body.’ Repeat this five times.
  • With your eyes closed, imagine your sight extending beyond your scope of vision, and returning back to you, refreshed.
  • Open the palms of your hands and imagine your fingers reaching to the heat and energy of the sun, and returning to you refreshed.
  • Listen to the sounds around you, and allow your ears to extend as far as the farthest whispering of the universe, returning to you refreshed.
  • Inhale the aromas that are surrounding you. Now, let your senses move out from your immediate experience to all scents of the planet, and return to you refreshed.
  • Next, allow your mind to take a mini holiday with the following therapeutic day dream

You are walking along a beautiful medieval street which is sparkling in the summer sun. In the distance you will observe a wooden bridge. Picture yourself crossing over this bridge, if you meet anyone on the way smile at them, tell them you are seeking mental  refreshment and will be back soon. When you reach the other side of the bridge there is a gate,slowly open it and leave the busy world behind you. Imagine that you are in a lush green meadow surrounded by trees and hills. The sun’s rays are filtering  through the leaves  casting  shadows on the soft green grass. It feels warm and soft underfoot as you tread, gazing out at the beautiful opulent countryside. Hear the sound of the leaves as they rustle in the soft breeze. Feel the fragrant air on your face and neck.  Allow your eyes to focus on the greenness of the vale as your entire body is inhales subtle sweet scent of the freshly cut grass. The more you watch the countryside, the heavier and more relaxed your eyes become. Inhale deeply, drawing serenity and peace into your body.

  • Be amazed the beauty of your imagination and enjoy.
  • Now, bring your senses back to your immediate experience and become aware of the rise and fall of your chest as you inhale and exhale deeply.
  • Know that you can return to this peaceful pace at any time but for now, today on this Monday of Mondays, take another deep breath, stretch your legs and arise from your slumber refreshed and ready and to face the challenges of your day.

Note to self

Have a good one you guys.

See you next Wednesday for the Final’ Leg’ of the Inward Journey

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